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Our goal isn't to be the best hair salon in Vancouver. It's to take care of you so well that YOU think we are the best salon in Vancouver.
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This level of hair stylist is still a developing talent, generally in the first 24 months of their career.
They may take a little longer with their work and may still need guidance from more experienced team members for colour formulations.
We appreciate that you've chosen to experience space with one of our level 2 designers and we thank you for your patience.
a michael levine salon group includes space salon, caramel salon and the vancouver hairdressing academy
This level of hair stylist has developed a following and is working towards becoming a master of the craft of hairdressing.
They are strong in cutting, colouring and finishing hair and will be involved in mentoring the level 2 designers at space salon as well as photoshoots, fashion shows and editorial projects.
Stylists featured here have shown outstanding performance with clients
 LEVEL 4 DESIGNER from $80
This level of hairstylist has achieved very high standards of work and would be considered among the best hairstylists in Vancouver.
They have achieved high levels of success in the salon and have developed large, loyal clienteles and have proven to consistently meet and exceed client expectations.
Those featured here have shown outstanding performance.
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All of our designers have gone through a rigorous and intensive training and apprenticeship
to achieve our high standards of service.
We continue our growth through constant advanced training in technique and current fashion direction. Levels are awarded based on years of experience, client retention and demand.
A lower numeric level may not always be indicative of lower skill or talent, and your salon experience
should be the same.
Amberleigh- cuts $80
First picked up the scissors in: 2007
Personal Style: I'm usually found in a little black dress
Area of expertise: Curls! Corrective and creative colours, personalized, fun cuts, classic men's cuts.
When not in the salon: Writing, producing and playing music.
Generally being as creative as I can.
Jaelyn- cuts $80
First picked up scissors: 2011
Personal style: Black with jewelry.
Area of expertise: Balayage and colour corrections, loose layers and cropped men's cuts.
When not in the salon: Travel, photoshoots and DIY projects.
Jaelyn is also a 2014 Contessa Winner!
Erin (Formerly Ryan from Caramel. Please Book With ERIN to Avoid a Mix-Up)- cuts $80
First picked up scissors in- 2004
Personal style? Pretty girl (bows and frills) with a slight edge. 
Area of expertise? Colour... Blondes, Reds and Brunettes! I also love styling for weddings, runway and any occassion. 
When Not in the Salon? Shopping, concerts, crafting and exploring our beautiful city!
Melissa- cuts $80
First Picked up the scissors in- 2000
Personal Style? Trendy, chic, anything that comes in black, oh yes, and bling.
Area Of Expertise? Blonding and long hair. And I'm a Godess with curl.
When Not In The Salon? Raising my beautiful son, shopping, music, spending time with my family and friends
Lucy- cuts $80
First Picked up the Scissors in- 2007
Personal style? I like to dress up even when i'm wearing jeans.
Area Of Expertise? I love blonding and coloring! Blonde is my thing.
When Not In The Salon? I'm with my friends. I love going out and keeping myself busy.
Michael Levine- Co-Owner 
new client cuts $250
Michael is one of Canada's most recognized and in-demand stylists, as well as listened-to voices in all of hairdressing.

Michael works a limited schedule, usually on Fridays only, so new clients will be asked for a credit card deposit before booking.
Francis- cuts $60
First picked up the scissors in: 2013
Personal style: Cool
Area of expertise: I just love all things hairdressing. I feel like I can do it all.
When not in the salon:  
I'm at the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy learning how to be an instructor.
Chloe- cuts $75
First picked up scissors: 2010.
Personal style: Girl next door
Area of expertise: Blondes! Pretty cuts, rich colours, men's hair, and braiding.
When not in the salon: In the studio working on photoshoots and working on becoming amazing at hairdressing.
Chloe was a finalist for the 2012 Canadian Hairstylist of the Year in the Student/ Apprentice category.
Ryan- cuts $75
First picked up scissors: 2006.
Personal style:
Area of expertise: Sexy longer fashionable looks, anything that suits my clients and makes them love their hair.
When not in the salon: Travelling, all things fashion related.
Maryn- cuts $75
First picked up the scissors in: 2012
Personal style: Everything Alexa Chung
Area of expertise: I love pretty un-done hair. Sexy long layers, balayage, soft colour melts, and blonding!
When not in the salon: Socializing in the city and continuing my hair education!
Jacob- cuts $50
First picked up the scissors in: 2014
Personal style:
Area of expertise:
When not in the salon:  
Rachelle- cuts $50
First picked up the scissors in: 2010
Personal style:
Area of expertise:
When not in the salon:  
Anthony- cuts $65
First picked up scissors: 2003
Personal style: Classic hairstylist black
Area of expertise: Precision cuts, highlights and fun colours to suit your personal style.
When not in the salon: Teaching at The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy which I absolutely love!
Elise- cuts $50
First picked up scissors in: 2015
Personal Style? Classic with a fun twist.
Area Of Expertise? Blondes! Creative colour, and modern-classic cutting.
When not in the salon? Travelling and eating comfort food.
Liz- cuts $50
First picked up the scissors in: 2015
Personal style: Fun and trendy
Area of expertise: Balayage, colour melts and blonding. Loving the long bob and sexy layers.
When not in the salon: You'll find me at a concert, being social with friends and continuing my hair education!
Liz Abreu- Co-Owner 
Lis is a wonderful hairdresser but is currently not accepting new clients.
However If you are a former client of Liz's, she may be able to take care of you.
Please call 6046811444 to inquire about bookings with Liz
Stef- cuts $80
First Picked up the Scissors in- 2005
Personal style? Vintage, patterns and black. My nails are always crazy.
Area Of Expertise? Corrective and creative colours, precision cuts. My clients always tell me I give them exactly what they want. 
When Not In The Salon? Supporting local artists, being creative, hanging with my dog Craig.
Lyndan- cuts $65
First picked up scissors: 2011.
Personal style:
Area of expertise:
When not in the salon:
Marty- cuts $45
First picked up the scissors in: 2016
Personal style: Floral prints
Area of expertise:
When not in the salon: