space salon
is available for regular services:
Tuesday                                      from 10-7
Wednesday to Friday              from 10-8
Saturday                                     from 10-6
Sunday & Monday                      closed
space salon
is always looking for models for our advanced hair cutting classes.
If you'd like to be a model, please note that all session services are performed at 10am on Tuesday mornings.
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space salon
would be honoured to help you select and purchase your perfect haircare products whenever we are open.
Please note we are open on Tuesdays at 10am for sales and bookings, just not for regular services.
Please feel free to browse our extensive selection of Oribe and Product For Hair
Our goal isn't to be the best hair salon in Vancouver. It's to take care of you so well that YOU think we are the best salon in Vancouver.
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a michael levine salon group includes space salon, caramel salon and the vancouver hairdressing academy
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          528 west broadway vancouver bc v5z 1E9                                                                            604.681.1444  
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